About us

Welcome to ALUNA Cattery

My name is Galina and with my family we live in Prague which is the heart of the Czech Republic and Europe.

We breed Exotic Shorthair cats and specializes in solid and bi-color color. Our goal is to breed cats as close to the Exotic standards and last but not least, good health. At the heart of this program will be wonderful blood lines American and European nurseries. Our cattery is registered in the CFA.

In base of this program become blood lines remarkable American and European catteries:

Maradan, They, Ydem, Boberan, De Shiraz, Sweet Bear, Calivan, Jubileum, Candirand, D'Mediterran, Just One Wish…

We started breeding cats in 2002. All our cats live freely in our home and are surrounded with love and attention.

We feed our cats with - Royal Canin

Our goal is to breed cats maximally approximated to Exotic standards, with big round eyes and a calm expression. Our cats are selected on type, heavy boning, coat quality, expression and last but not least, good health.

Our kittens are always in good health and will not leave our cattery until 3 month. We will ship worldwide, but only to serious breeders.